Our team of experts can support your business attraction goals, with:

  • In-Market Representation
  • Lead Generation
  • Trade Missions and Inward Visits
  • Location Benchmarking
  • FDI Strategy
  • Place Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Team Training

We have developed our own unique tool – fdiRadar – to identify leads and prospects.



Our unique inward investor tracking tool – fdiRadar – provides a regular and reliable flow of validated leads tailored to their specific strengths and needs. This pipeline tool helps us to spot trends, understand corporate requirements and introduce relevant inward investment leads to our clients.

Since we built fdiRadar in 2014 we have identified and engaged with more than 1,000 companies who are planning global expansion. These are primarily:

  • global companies considering a UK or European presence
  • UK and European companies looking to expand internationally

We have brought together the optimum combination of inward investment expertise turbocharged by the latest technology available. It’s the perfect blend of human and artificial intelligence.


Thanks to fdiRadar we are able to:

– Target the sectors and markets to suit your location’s strengths

– Identify potential movers at an early stage in their decision-making process

– Validate each opportunity to filter and prioritise

– Engage with senior C-level executives directly

– Advise clients on best approach to manage the lead

We’ve worked with teams including Ontario Investment Office, Invest in Bavaria, Business Stockholm, Invest Newcastle, Invest Liverpool, Invest Essex, Creative Sheffield and Make it Stoke & Staffordshire on investor targeting programmes.

See what fdiRadar can do to improve your pipeline of potential investors.